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PostSubject: ECLIPSE: EDWARD'S MIND   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:01 am

While reading Eclipse, did anyone of you ever spare a minute to think what Edward felt the whole way? I bet you were so engrossed in the relationship between Bella and Jacob and all the Werewolf legends that the idea of looking through those golden eyes and trying to decipher the temperaments seething beneath the perfectly composed expression. Well, i'm positive that a certain group did. Just like me. For those who didn't, this article is the best place to start.
(DISCLAIMERS: i'm only a fan and do not own anything. Whatever i write is purely a review and what i have conjectured from Edward's behaviour and discussions with Bella throughout the whole book. If SMeyer objects to any of my speculations, then i am willing to withdraw that point from my article.)

Edward always goes overboard when it comes to Bella's safety. This should explain why he was reluctant to let Bella meet Jacob. The rest of it is explained in the book, so ther's no point repeating it. He was anxious of her safety and not jealous. But i'm not saying there wasn't even a hint of envy in him. Yes. He did feel insecure at times when he assumed Bella was thinking about Jacob. Bella was the cause of his existence and he could never endure to lose her. But he never put his wishes first. Bella's word was the last word on that matter. This point of mine is proved by the fact that he was unwilling to turn Bella, despite knowing it would detach her from any werewolf. Of course, there were other causes behind this.
The Chapter "Fire And Ice" is a good insight to both Edward and Jacob's thoughts.
One more thing should be kept in mind. Edward's sacrifice. He was willing to let Bella do what made her happy. Even if that meant living with two lovers. "I'm not going to make you choose between us. Just be happy, and you can have whatever part of me you want, or none at all, if that's better, Bella, I really mean it." Edward says to Bella in Chapter "Snap Decision" This one dialog says it all. Even after Bella had made her decision and chose him, after seeing the pain it caused her, Edward opted for her to choose Jacob.
Through it all, Edward was in a turmoil, or so as i surmise. He needed his cause of existence even more than he needed blood, and yet, he would have never refused if Bella told him to go away (which, of course, something that was contradictory to both nature as well as the "not-so-natural phenomenon")
To me Edward is an ideal for every true lover. So, i would like to conclude with requesting the "TEAM JACOB" members to at least consider what i've just told. I'm not asking you to become a "TEAM EDWARD" member. Just think and try to feel EDWARD'S agony.
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