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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:54 am

Welcome to the Edward's Meadow Forum! We want you to have a fun time here, but to do that you'll need to follow the following rules:

1) Keep your language clean! We have strict word censoring, but if we catch anyone trying to get around it, they will be banned.

2) Don't pick fights and avoid heated arguments. Be kind and considerate to others using the forum.

3) Please do not use huge fonts or huge pictures in your posts, otherwise they will be deleted.

4) RPG (Role Playing Games) are only allowed in the RPG section. RPG found elsewhere will be deleted.

5) Do not spam.

Any posts that break any of these rules will be deleted. Members found repeatedly breaking these rules will be banned. If you find anyone breaking these rules, please PM us or e-mail us at Your tip will be treated as anonymous.

One last note: If you want a speedy chat with someone online, then you can use our Twilight Chat here:

Have fun!
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